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Getting Started

Starting to drive

Being able to drive is a fantastic skill: it can give you the freedom to go where you want, when you want. Are you ready for the challenge of becoming a skilled driver?


Beginner – It can be an exciting time getting ready to start your first driving lesson but you may feel a little nervous to. Don’t worry we all had to start from that that first lesson and you probably know someone who can drive and look at them now. My aim is to get you off to an amazing start experiencing the thrill of driving in a safe environment. Don’t wait any longer pick up the phone and call me on 0789 67 41041.

Part trained – So you have already started to learn to drive and you are thinking of passing your driving test. I have a special course for people like you who have already developed skills that will help you save money because you will not be on a beginner course, in fact I will use the knowledge you have as a platform for passing your driving test. Why delay any longer I am only a phone call away. Call 0789 67 41041

Refresher Lessons – Do you feel anxious about driving? Well here is your chance to take control and get back on track. Maybe you have lost your confidence or parking scares you, what ever the reason I can help. I will help you build your confidence back up to deal with the situation by learning at your own pace. Using my experience I will take you from felling uneasy to taking back full control and the owner of your driving destiny. Call 0789 67 41041

Driving Test Rescue – Have you failed your driving test? I know exactly why you haven’t  passed your test and actually it probably is not your fault. Pupils who fail their test and want to change instructor do so because they feel they haven’t been trained fully and believe they are not 100 per cent confident. All you have to do is give me a call and tell me your story and between us we can start to plan for your success. Call 0789 67 41041

Pass Plus – Pass Plus is a six hour long course where there is NO test. The driving course will not only give you extra confidence on the road but it may give you up to 30 percent reduction on your car insurance. Call 0789 67 41041

Motorway lessons – If you would like to book a motorway driving lesson then please call me for more information on 0789 67 41041.

Getting started

Here’s a quick checklist to see if you can learn to drive a car:

  • You must be atleast 17 years old.
  • You must hold a provisional licence for Great Britain or Northern Ireland.
  • You must be able to read a new-style number plate from 20 metres away (with glasses or contact lenses if you need them, as long as you always wear them when you’re driving).
  • You must make sure any vehicle you drive is roadworthy and properly taxed and insured.
  • Make sure you display L plates. You must display L plates on the front and rear of the vehicle where they can be clearly seen when you’re driving (L or D plates in Wales).
  • You must be accompanied by a qualified driver who is over 21 and has held (still holds) a full car driving licence for at least three years – I’d recommend you have most of your lessons with an approved driving instructor.

Learning to be a good driver

Good driving isn’t just about learning the rules of the road: your skill and your attitude as a driver are vital too, and you’ll keep learning and developing these as the years go on. Typically a good driver…

  • Is responsible for what they do while driving.
  • Concentrates on what they’re doing.
  • Anticipates what could happen around them.
  • Is patient with other road users.
  • Is confident about how to drive safely.

Quick Steps

Here are the steps you’ll need to take to start learning to drive.

  • Get your provisional licence.
  • Find a driving instructor.
  • Learn how to drive.
  • Book your driving Theory Test.
  • Prepare for driving Theory test.
  • Book your practical driving test.
  • Prepare for your practical driving test.
  • Take your practical driving test.
  • Pass your driving test and your all done!
  • Further training? Check out our pass plus courses.


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